Dayton Thrifty Family

Urban Homesteading in Dayton, Ohio

About Us

Located in Dayton Ohio, the Thrifty Family is four! We are dedicated to living simply. We strive to spend the majority of our time with each other and as little in unfufiling jobs or wastefully. 

Thrifty Mom, loves cooking, gardening, sewing and the outdoors.  She also loves getting the best deal and never spending money on something she doesn't have to.

Thrifty Dad, loves cars and electronics. He spearheads paying down the thrifty families debt, and managing the money. Recent interests include finding the Thrifty Family's perfect farm!

Thrifty Sprout, is getting big! He loves toy (and real) cars, running and his stuffed rabbit "Mister". He enjoys playing outside, and doesn't like walking on the ice in the winter or when things are "dirty".

Thrifty Baby is the newest edition to the family! He is such a sweet and easy going little man. We are so happy he's finally here!

The Thrifty Dog is Killian, an Australian shepherd.  Killian loves Frisbees and the snow.

Thrifty Cat graciously allows us to live with her. She enjoys naps in the sun, and packing straps with a kink in them.