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Cloth Diapers

There are as many systems to cloth diaper as there are families. Our family uses two systems! Thrifty Dad uses a different system than Thrifty Mom. We will start with Thrift Dad's favorites. They are a little simpler, and are more beginner or babysitter friendly! A great place to start looking I Kissed by the Moon! Visit Kissed by the Moon here.

Thrifty Dad use Fuzzi Bunz  there are many colors to choose from, they wash well, and don't have velcro to wear out. Thrifty Dad used to like the old style Thirsties AIOs (which have been replaced by the Duo)Thrifty Mom doesn't like snaps. There is no right or wrong answer in the great debate over if snaps or velcro is better. I don't like snaps because they don't get the best fit. I feel like I am always between snaps. Also, when I am pregnant and shortly after, I get pregnancy carpal tunnel and it's really difficult to snap things.  Thrifty Dad doesn't like velcro because it can collect strings and then won't stick. Also, it doesn't take long before babies learn how to undo velcro! 

Thrifty Mom's system is prefolds a snappi and thirsties covers. They are long lasting, durable, easy to wash and simple. Of course, I think this is the best system because it's what I use, but here are the reasons.

1. Easy to wash. Prefolds and covers come apart from each other, where AIOs (all-in-ones) are sewn together, and don't come as clean, and don't dry as fast. 

2. SIMPLE! There are three parts, and many people will say the folding, and pinning or snappi-ing is complicated, there are no pieces to break! If you don't have a cover, just go coverless! You can't wear pants, but if it's summer and you are hanging around the house anyway, were you even planning on putting pants on them? Can't find the snappi? Just lay the prefold in the cover! You may get poo in the cover if there is a blowout, but covers wash too! 

3. Long lasting! I bought about 36 gently used infant prefolds and at about 13 months Thrifty Baby finally out grew them! Thrifty Dad is still using them to stuff the Fuzzi Bunz. We finally retired the prefolds after two and a half years, three children (one not mine, they were pre-loved) and a billion trips through the laundry, they finally started showing their age. If I didn't already have a million junk rags and towels, they would make good junker rags. Since nothing just gets thrown away, they will be sent to the garage to be used to clean up a REALLY nasty mess, like fuel or motor oil, and be thrown away.


Breastfeeding is one of the greatest things a mother can do for her child! It is also one of the cheapest! If you are expecting, I urge you to consider giving breastfeeding a try! I know it has saved our family well over $1500 in the 20 months I breastfed Thrifty Sprout.

Breastfeeding can be challenging, extremely challenging. There are only a few reasons a woman should NOT breast feed. Most are in the case of infectious disease in the mother (like HIV) or incompatible medication (like chemo). Even in the average mom, with the average singleton, there are huge obstacles. Rough starts, bad latches due to top lip tie and pumping were my challenges. If you have questions I would love to help you find resources, or just chat. Sometimes it can be very lonely. You husband doesn't understand, your mother may have never breastfed and doesn't understand, your friends chose not to breastfeed and can't relate. You may even feel a little depressed, attacked or singled out for your choice. There are women out there who DO breastfeed and would love to share your triumphs and heart aches. 

If you are in need of help, if you have ANY questions, concerns or just need some support you can contact the Dayton LeLeche League. If you are eligible for Women, Infants and Children, the Sunrise Health Center on 5th is an  excellent resource for breastfeeding supplies, support and nutrition. It is NOT just for free formula. Breastfeeding mothers actually get MORE foods for 6 months LONGER, including $10 of fresh fruits and vegetables. The lactation consultants and nutritionists at WIC are compassionate, understanding and WILL help you with your breastfeeding concerns! Please contact one, or both of these groups (or me!) if you are interested in learning more about breastfeeding. or are having issues. 

Kids Rewards Programs

Pampers Gifts to Grow -
Collect codes from the website, mommy bloggers and pampers product. Enter the codes on the Gifts to Grow website, then redeem the points for different gifts. This program was extended until December 31 2013!

Sisterly Savings has compiled a great master list of Pampers codes!

 Huggies Enjoy the Ride -

Much like Pampers, collect codes from packaging, mailers, and the web to enter on Enjoy the Ride and redeem for gifts or sweepstakes! 

Sisterly Savings to the rescue again with a master list of Huggies codes