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Working from home is a goal that many moms (and dads) strive for. I have compiled some of the ways that I quit my 9-5 job! I hope many of you can use this to help your families!


Check out,

Work Place Like Home

Rat Race Rebellion


These sites are all excellent resources to see what kinds of jobs are out there. 

What I do!

ACD Direct-

They way ACD works is this; They are a call center that takes calls from nonprofit organizations. There is no selling! There is a script you read, you take the callers information and you're done! They pay is from .25 to .32 cents per talk minute. Meaning every minute you are on they phone. When you are not on the phone, you are free to do other things. I am a fan of checking coupon deals, and folding laundry.

I have been with ACD since August 2010. I couldn't be happier! They are a wonderful company to work for. The schedule is what I make it, there is excellent communication from management.


Some may become Full Time with the right dedication!

Hauser Group - Mail tracking. They send you mail and pay $.25 each for you to enter them on their webiste. Companies do this to test the mail in an area. Example, Kroger is having a sale on Wednesday, they know from research during the winter it takes 3 days for mail to go from Cinci to my house, they mail the flier on Saturday to be sure I get it in time for the sale. As always, I will be skeptical until I see payment. So far, the mail is sparse.

ChaCha -  Answer short questions that people text in. Not a lot of money, but something to do when you are watching T.V. or winding down for the night. ChaCha is on the bottom of my money making list. I have to be bored to tears before I go to ChaCha. However, everyones different, and maybe ChaCha will be your golden egg!

Weegy - Similar to ChaCha, good to have open in the background for the occasional question. 

IMShopping - Research and answer shopping related questions. I didn't think I would be any good at this, but luckily, there are LOTS of questions about everything under the sun! Cash out at $40 to PayPal.

YouData - View ads in a side panel and get a few cents in PayPal every week! I have actually found a few online stores that really interested me! VERY quick and easy, takes 2 seconds every week. PROOF OF PAYMENT

CloudCrowd -"Crowd" or "Cloud" Sourcing is what many companies are doing to get simple task done. Labeling pictures, proof reading a website, or finding info from a site. This is done through FaceBook and pays DAILY through PayPal. Work goes fast because they have the best pay scale of the CroudSourcing sites.

MTurk-  Another "crowd source" this one backed by many others, complete short tasks, and be paid a few cents to a couple dollars. Cash out is $10. However, you can use anything, even $.01 at PROOF OF PAYMENT

JustAnswer - I am brand new to JustAnswer. It is a site where you are verified as an expert in your chosen feild. There are even criteria for applying to any given field! I have a degree in food service, so Food and Wine and other food topics are my Expert area. There is also a "General" that includes weddings, Jobs and such.



Offline Jobs

Working AT home can also be working FROM home. Here are a few outside jobs that allow you to be your own boss.

Mystery Shopping - I have started picking up a lot of Mystery shopping jobs. I can't talk too much about what I do specifically, but if I play my cards right I get free food, oil changes, kitchen supplies and of course cash! Click here for more info on how to become a mystery shopper!

Newspaper Delivery - My husband delivered for the Dayton Daily (and others, it's really Cox Publishing) He left the house about 3:30am and got home before 5 Monday - Wednesday and Friday, Thursdays and Sundays he left about 2:30am and got home about around 6ish. He only worked one other day a week at his 'regular' job. He recently left this job. His main reasons for leaving were the hours. He delivered every single day, there are no days off. I have heard some paper delivery jobs are 2, 5 or 7 days a week. Delivery is also extremely hard on cars. We had a Honda Civic that was hit by a snow plow. It was perfect for delivery, but the car would have lasted much longer if not for the hard driving. Thrifty Dad also used a tricycle to deliver papers, which we tore up. I wish it would have lasted a little longer, but paper delivery is hard on vehicles!

Pet Sitting

Lawn Care

House Cleaning

Window Washing- When I worked for the Oasis, now One Eyed Jacks, and The Game Haven's retail store

Survey Sites

 I am notoriously awful at survey sights. There are a billion and one out there, and I can only make one worth my time:

Pinecone Research- This survey company is exclusive, and difficult to get on board with. The occasionally open their doors to new members via emails to current members. Generally, they pay $3 per survey. The number of surveys they send varies. I have done as many as 5 or 6 in a month, and as few as none. It all depends if they have clients looking for someone with your profile's opinion. They also sometimes send out goodies for you to test. I once got chocolate :) PROOF OF PAYMENT

Reward Programs

Rewards programs can seem fishy at first. Then you start getting your rewards! Most reward programs reward you for things you buy. Some reward you based on advertisement budgets. Large advertisement firms WANT you to see their product. Many outsource the job of "getting the word out", YOU can be the person they outsource to by telling your friends and family (and maybe being persuaded to buy something you want for yourself!)

Swagbucks - Search reward program. Use Swagbucks as you would Google or Yahoo and win random point that can be traded for gift cards or other "Swag" (Stuff We All Get) you can also redeem points for $5 hard cash in your PayPal! They also have hunts, and games for points. PROOF OF PAYMENT

MyPoints - Advertisement and purchase points. MyPoints sends 'junk' mail to you email (set up a junk mail box for this, gmail or hotmail work well) Earn points by reading and clicking on the emails. You can also earn points by shopping online. Next time you rent a car, or buy a book, go to MyPoints first, type in the company who you are planning on purchasing from, and use the link to earn points! You can redeem your points for gift cards to practically everywhere. You can even get prepaid Visa cards!

Inbox Dollars - I used to not really care for Inbox Dollars, I thought they were slow to accumulate cash. Now they have a great toolbar you can download and make sure you get every email! It's so much more convenient so I am going to recommend it! With the toolbar you get $.01 per search, up to 5 a day. Once you have your 5 searches, I recommend changing your tool bar to Swagbucks until you get a hit there, then changing to MyPoints to get the rest.

 ZoomBucks - A search and win site. There are also surveys and online shopping points! There are TONS of gift cards here! I haven't got into the swing of this, but I will post hopefully others will have better luck!